aka ... the ASSHOLES that make this shit happen
King Curt
Hmmm...a brutally honest, artist, writer and all around "creative" with a knack for entertaining an audience of anyone. Offensive to those sensetive and closed-minded enough to not respect opions of others. Loves Wrestling, Football (Cowboys ... yup, native District of Columbian) and Basketball (hey, I'm a Wizards fan tho).
For better or for worse, I created this shit and I stand by my shit.
Loved Man of Steel and BvS ... who didn't love Dark Knight..?
Where else can you find King Curt you ask..?
  • Founder / CEO - Anomalis Design
Father Joseph
Nope ... no kids and Yup ... I'm an Atheist, so Yes, Father before Joseph would be an "oxymoron" ya morons.
Extremely articulate, walking "negro-pedia" of all things Religious and Comic based (as well as all that Norse mythos conjecture as well).
Known Curt for like ... EVER ... and supported his shit, if for no other reason ... the nigga's entertaining and it gets no more honest.
Hated Man of Steel and BvS, but we agree on Hellboy and Blade II ... and who didn't love Dark Knight..?
Where else can you find Father Joseph you ask...?
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Guro Chuck
King Curt's brother ... yup. Jabillionth degree black belt in some Malaysian Street Combat Martial Arts, fitness instructor and lover of all things Comics!
Often times found giving his "2 cents" about shit on FaceBook and quick to jump in on a debate.
Loved Man of Steel and BvS, but hates the mere idea of Guardians of the Galaxy ... but who didn't love Dark Knight..?
the Judge
Long time friend of King Curt's (go spit you sunuvabitch) and life-long asshole. Big Steven Segal fan (skinny and fat). Highly opinionated and hence his adoption of the title "Judge" makes sense.
Loved Man of Steel but hated BvS (both versions) ... thinks Hancock is a top 5 of all time ... and who didn't love Dark Knight..?
Mr. Brown
Twice employed by King Curt and now ... well, now he supports King Curt's twisted sense of conquest. Can come across as a "geek" at times and has been known to fall for "the hype" (Avengers: AoU ... that movie sucked, but you couldn't tell Mr. Brown that!).
Loved Man of Steel and BvS and Guardians and marks out about damn near everything comics (hindsight gives him better vision as to what really sucked and what was supported by the hype-train) ... naturally loved Dark Knight.
Future Resident
Have what it takes to bark with the big dogs? Are you expressive? Can you accept criticism and opinions of others without getting all butt-hurt and turning into a whiny lil' bitch? 
You just may have what it takes to be immortalized!